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Welcome to the Good Life

Once again Kanye proves why he's one of the heavy hitters of hip-hop. As the third single of his junior album "Graduation", "Welcome to The Good life" featuring T-Pain is destined to be a chart topper. Personally I love this song and the video's simply the sh*t. Kanye's music is like no other artist in hip-hop right now. He brings MUSIC, you know what I mean? A lot of artist these days simply bring a tune that makes you shake ya *ss with no relevant message behind the lyrics. However, Take a sec and check this joint out and tell me there's not a message in there that you can relate too. Contrary to popular belief, Hip-Hop is not dead. Artist like Common, Kanye, Talib Kwali and countless others repeatedly prove so. This track is simply one other hit to add to list.

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